Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Weather me happy

San Diego probably has the nicest weather of any place I have lived. Granted, that while I have moved well over 55 times, most (all) were within California.

Still, I have visited many a state, and still think SD has the most wonderful, moderate weather year round. And as I was reading about the snow, causing school to be cancelled, building snowmen, and all of the shoveling and snow plowing...I was elated to live in SD on this early spring like day (77 degrees F).


Reesh said...

Wow thanks so much for the lovely, sweet, touching and endearing comment on my blog today!!!

Lynanne said...

Aww, rub it in just a little more. ;)

When I first read the post, I read "SD" as the abbreviation for South Dakota and was very confused. I'm such a doofus!

One thing about the cold winters - it makes us appreciate the warm spring all that much more. Or maybe that's just a defense mechanism on my part. We all know that everyone would live somewhere warm and sunny if we could :)