Sunday, March 4, 2007

The greying days of spring

When I visited my little sister over the holidays, I noticed that she had some grey hairs. My sister has long, gorgeous auburn hair. Straight like a horses tail and just at thick. Her hair was the envy of many women.

We laughed a little about the grey streaks coming through, and she didn't seem to be fazed by it.

I have been thinking to myself, how lucky I am to have eluded the family trend. I checked my scalp many times since December, and haven't found any grey yet. I internally gloated to myself that I must be healthier and that was the reason I was spared the grey.

But, alas...I went to my hair appointment on Friday eve, and asked my trusted gal if she noticed any grey hairs as she was cutting and dying my mane. She said she saw two. I laughed out loud. But, inside my sibling rivalry kicked in and I was shocked back into my submission that my 32.7 years have in fact resulted in the typical grey hairs.

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tali said...

Girl i've had gray hairs for YEARS now. Welcome to the club. But it's harder for me coz i'm so short!