Thursday, May 10, 2007

This is my stop!

I have a long standing inside joke that there would come a time when I will jump off the fashion and music trains. I would always make mental notes of women who had reached a certain point in their lives where they no longer made fashion, music, CD's and shopping a priority. I always looked at these women and secretly thought that it only happened when you were 'older'.

Well, I think this is my stop. Apparently I am now ready to disembark. I stopped listening to the radio. My car stereo is permanently programmed to KPBS. I don't carry a CD book in my car any longer. I used to find a day at the mall (alone) relaxing. Now I dread going to the mall. I no longer like shopping for clothes or shoes. I just don't find it as enjoyable as i once did. I prefer to handle my shopping from the comfort of my office chair and my browsing is done on the web.

This has long term repercussions of course on my wardrobe. I am comfortable wearing the same clothes again and again. I don't care as much about how I look, or how I am perceived. I have resigned myself to listening to the music that my hubby picks out. I couldn't locate a particular CD or Album to save my life. I listen to whatever he puts on my laptop. Perhaps this is a function of maturity. Maybe I have finally become a grown up. *YUCK*

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maggafers said...

You'll still meet ME at the mall though right? C'mon, it's a tradition. I'll be parked on corn. -tc(on maglaptop)