Monday, September 29, 2008

Co-op and Budget updates

I haven't ventured out to the food co-op yet. I suck.

But, I decided to only shop at TJ's and Whole Foods and skip the grocery store all together--for good. I feel way better about our food choices already.

I also made the decision to not buy any beauty products with parabens in the ingredient list. Its the small things, right? One decision at a time.

I managed to also eliminate another monthly debt from our expense list--the Gym. I didn't go that often, Elliott hated the daycare center, and it was $45 a month. Plus, whatever I did at the gym I could certainly do at home. And, if I wanted to attend a class I could just pony up the $10 and go.

I also changed our netflix subscription from 3 to 1 at a time. Not a huge cost savings, but every bit counts when your working towards being a full time mom.

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Lynanne said...

I debated getting a gym membership but finally realized that I was much happier with a brisk walk outside either with or without my little ones. Yes, even in the middle of winter. (a stroller bag is a mom's best friend)

You'll probably find a huge difference in your skin now that you aren't using the parabens.

Thanks for the tips!