Tuesday, April 7, 2009

6 weeks and counting

So to bore you all with more details about how awful I feel... I FEEL AWFUL.  Not as bad as the first go round-but all day I feel between 50 and 65%.  The thing that really gets me is the horrid taste in my mouth and the extra saliva.  Yuck!

I am such a selfish baby when it comes to not feeling well.  I expect to feel well, and when I don't I sulk and feel sorry for myself and cant get over it.  Yes, I am that selfish.  Humph.

I also already gained a pound and my jeans are tight.  I suspect that weight gain at this early stage is not ideal, but to stave off the nausea and dizziness--eating small things all the time is the only thing that helps-and can I help it that I crave burgers and fries!!!  I can only comfort myself by remembering that I gained a lot of weight with Elliott, and lost it after he was born.  I hope for the same luck the second time around.

Lastly, I have been having some light brown spotting for the last 24 hours.  Not every time I go to the toilet, but a few times.  Nothing red, no cramps.  But naturally I am freaked out about it, and my web searching only yield people who have miscarried as a result.  I keep telling myself that time will tell.  But, that does little good for my personality type.  

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Lynanne said...

Please continue to share the details! It will make a great keepsake to look back on.

Stay away from Dr. Google. He's mean. Go look at Jenny's blog (http://jennyandcraig.blogspot.com/) and see the latest after she had an episode of brown spotting at 6 weeks.