Friday, April 3, 2009

And so it begins...

I was stressing over the last few weeks about not having any morning sickness.  When I was pregnant with Elliott, beginning at 5 weeks I had HORRIBLE morning sickness.  I would cry most days at lunch wishing I felt better.  So, in its absence I was wondering if I was in fact pregnant, or if something else was wrong with me.  Yes, I know that is silly but we can only compare what we know or have experienced.  

Well, I am both pleased and saddened to report that pregnancy honeymoon is over.  I officially have morning sickness.  Yesterday I sat on the couch for the entire second half of the day moaning and complaining.  And then, in a moment of weakness, requested that we eat greasy, delicious, San Diego style Mexican food from Santana's.  Mmmm, Carne Asada Nacho's with Guac.  Weight Gain--here I come :)

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YA said...

Congrats on your pregnancy, food and I still do not get along..